Saturday, September 18, 2010

If Obama isn't a US citizen, then neither is McCain

One of the more bizarre political rumors in recent years is the ongoing questioning of President Barack Hussein Obama's citizenship.

Although he was born in Hawaii-- after it became a state-- and although his birth certificate is on the Internet, birthers still believe that he is not a citizen.

Yesterday, when I was researching John Sidney McCain III's voting record, I came across this information from the Washington Post on McCain's place of birth. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone!


  1. You see,Pamela, you are both dumb and ignorant! Any child born on an American military installation anywhere in the world is considered to be born on American soil. That is why all children of diplomats and military personnel born on those overseas installations are given American birth certificates and NOT CERTIFICATES OF LIVE BIRTH! The latter is not certification of a natural born American citizen ... in fact is can be issued to anyone born outside of Hawaii. There, now I have educated you and you are a little less ignorant. By the way, McCain presented his long form birth certificate, as is required, when he was a presidential candidate. Also by the way, I am a military veteran of 24 years.

  2. Actually, I know that anyone born on a military base or *in a US state* (like Hawaii) is a citizen. This post was a birther spoof.