Thursday, March 4, 2010

Honk if you can read!

If honks were votes, Arizona would have a strong public education system.

Rush hour motorists honked and cheered for protesters challenging education cuts made by Arizona's Republican governor and Republican-controlled legislature.

More than 100 teachers, parents, children and other activists joined in the March 4 Schools on Thursday, March 4 at the corner of Alvernon Way and Broadway Blvd. in Tucson. This was one of three protests sponsored by the Arizona Education Association in Tucson and one of several protests organized statewide.

Judging by the honks, many Tucsonans support public education and disagree with the Legislature's short-sighted, draconian approach to a balanced budget. Pictures speak louder than words, so check out the slide show below to learn more about today's event.

The rallies across Arizona were part of a national day of protests against cuts in public education. Here is a report from Democracy Now on the nationwide efforts.

This article and the accompanying slide show originally appeared in my Progressive Examiner column. Click on the link to see more photos from the event.

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