Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More news on McClung's ties to extremist groups

Over on my Tucson Citizen blog, I have posted several stories about CD7 Republican Congressional challenger Ruth McClung and her ties to extremist and often blatantly racist groups who are fundraising and endorsing her.

Will the real Ruth McClung please stand up? first brought to light her endorsement by the right wing Republican Majority Campaign and the Grover Norquist TV ad on her behalf.

The sequel: Will the real Ruth McClung please stand up? (part 2) continues the discussion of her ties to Norquist and Sarah Palin. Even though McClung signed the Norquist pledge and spouted his soundbites at the CD7 debate, she claims not to know who he is.

Desperately seeking ‘Republican Majority Campaign’, signed RM further delves into the shadowy Republican Majority Campaign and its racist ties. The title is a take-off on the 1980s cult classic "Desperately Seeking Susan" where bored housewife (Rosanna Arquette) places a newspaper ad to find her wild-child friend, Susan, (played by Madonna). Like the bored housewife, McClung want to play on the wild side with the RMC.

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  1. Now, after November 2, there will be an awakening. Because you cant fail to see what is right before you when the light is turned so brightly. There has been enough flunkyist action by politicians of both parties, acting in the flunkyist manner, as flunkies or flunky-enabelers. The people are going to wake up and challenge the powerful, and soon enough the collection of ass merchants and power pimps who reside in Washington will be brought under control. I think Obama will fully win re-election in 2012.