Saturday, April 10, 2010

Headless woman bound for love

This somewhat disturbing display stopped me in my tracks at the local Walgreens yesterday. There on the end-cap as you enter the store was this decapitated, dismembered life-size woman's body, bound by undergarments.

Initially, I was intrigued. "What the heck is she wearing? And Why?" I thought as I studied the display. OK, the white bra, I understand, but I couldn't figure out the black strap under her boobs. Two bras? Isn't one bra uncomfortable enough? Why would someone were one regular bra and an additional strap? Then I read the package. The black strap pushes the boobs up and in to improve the cleave.

The tan ribcage-to-thigh ultra girdle was touted as taking off 2 dress sizes.

But can she breathe?

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